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Why Alchemy?

Alchemy is many things, a speculative science and philosophy that encompasses and enfolds many different theorems and beliefs.    

At its core, Alchemy is quite simple - 
An endeavor to take common elements and transmute them into something greater.

This quest for transmutation was used by the alchemists of old in an attempt to finally achieve
the Magnum Opus, 
the Great Work, 
the turning of a base substance such as lead into the perfect form of gold.  

Success eluded them.

We have chosen a different path.  We treat it with fervor and dedication.  
Ingredients are our base material, cuisine our Great Work.  
Through spices and herbs, sugars and oils, we strive to transform a
combination of separate ingredients into a single, cohesive vision.

Alchemists created the first cocktail bitters and tinctures, thus the first cocktail.

Think of the parallels -

An alchemist in his lab toiling to create the Philosopher’s Stone;
The mixologist in his bar pouring and concocting to find the perfect balance; 
The chef in his kitchen pairing ingredients to acquire a spectacular flavor profile.

So what is Alchemy?

It’s the balance of all natural things.  
All of us.  
Every drink and every plate.  
Each striving to be the Magnum Opus, the Great Work.

That’s what alchemists do. 
They show that, when we strive to
become better than we are, everything
around us becomes better, too.

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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The bar houses an ever growing selection of over 200 carefully curated spirits available for your sipping pleasure.  With an extensive depth of Scotch, bourbon, rum, tequila, brandy, amaro, and many types of liquers we have at hand the perfect alchemical lab to create award winning cocktails that intrigue and entice the palate.




Our award winning wine program is unique in that – while we do offer little known gems alongside famous producers – we strive to offer as many Oregon bottlings as possible.  The cellar has been cultivated with the thought of sharing the growing bounty of Southern Oregon, while offering the depth of the Willamette Valley. With sommeliers on staff, we hope to guide you through the land and the years as we find the perfect pairing.



We can now offer private dinning on a small or large scale. Whether you are in need of a space for an intimate gathering of your closest friends, or a larger group, we are happy to provide the same unparalleled service and attention to detail that you will find in the dining room.

Please inquire about holiday hours and menus for Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.  We will unfortunately not be offering the Dickens' Feast this year due to COVID restrictions.

For  private event inquiries please fill out a form here.

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Our Team

Unabashed lovers of food and drink, we continue to strive for new heights. As a group of dedicated professionals who love what we do and take great pride in our craft, we feel lucky to be able to offer it to those visiting Ashland.

Our Staff

Drew Gibbs

Michael Bryant
Executive Chef

Kolton Schooley
Restaurant Manager

Sarah Pineda
Pastry Chef


Bar Hours

Thur - Monday  4 - close

Closed Tues & Wed

Restaurant Hours

Thur - Monday  4 - close

 Closed Tues & Wed

Contact Info

35 S. 2nd St, Ashland, Or 97520, located inside the Winchester Inn

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Open Thurs - Monday


Dining Room and Bar

We are currently serving the same menu in both the dining room and the bar.

The dining room is set for a more formal dining experience with the bar offering a more casual atmosphere.

The bar is available for reservations with limited space for walk-ins while our garden area is closed.

The menu is update throughout the year and relies heavily on what is in season and what has inspired Chef Michael.

For those who are play goers, we strongly recommend reservations no later than 6 PM to allow enough time to get to the theater.

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